Preloved is the new Fashion

The increasing trend towards greater recycling and sustainability continues to gather momentum.  In recent years the trend towards "fast fashion" has been highlighted as a significant contributor towards global waste and energy usage.  It is estimated for example that over 20,000 litres of water are used in the manufacturer of a single pair of denim jeans and a t-shirt.  So fighting back against this trend is the rise in the interest in second-hand or more often called, preloved clothes.  This new interest in the role of preloved clothing in the population of our wardrobes has given rise to increasing interest in charity shops and online marketplaces that allow the resale of clothes.  One are of particular interest to parents is the increase prevalence of preloved school uniforms available for sale.

Preloved School Uniform

It has been common practice for some years that schools operate a second hand / preloved uniform shop.  These shops allow parents to donate items of school uniform that are no longer wanted or needed for the school to resell.  This provides an avenue for these clothes to be reused and to ensure that the maximum usage of made of these clothes that are often "grown out of" long before they have come to the end of their useful life.  Typically the shops will be run by the School or the PTA and operate on fixed days so that parents can come in and find items that might be of interest.  Some schools and PTA have taken to creating pages on their website or listing items for sale on their Facebook pages.  However the internet has now given birth to a new website for schools, PTAs and parents to make the process of buying preloved  school uniform even easier.  The people at have developed a unique online marketplace to buy and sell preloved school uniform.  The school or PTA simply needs to upload the items donated by parents to their personal online shop.  Uploading a new item to the marketplace takes only a few minutes and is then immediately available for sale to parents via their unique online shop.  The parent purchases the items they want, pays online and then receives an email from the school or PTA when the item is ready to collect.  The platform collects all payments and allows the school to handle the orders through their portal.  It's so simple!

Second Hand School Uniform Sales Increase

The advantages over the "old fashioned" shop is that
  • It allows parents to browse the "stock" at any time
  • Online ordering makes it easier for parents to order and their no cash handling for the school or PTA
  • The ability for parents to set "alerts" means they can find items quicker and easier.  This is better for parents and increases sales for the school or PTA.
  • All transactions can be handled virtually, which is advantageous in circumstances like the previous national lockdowns.
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